Sunday, 23 October 2011

Designing You Own Engagement Ring – Tips For Building Your Own Engagement Rings

Custom creating your (or maybe your partner's) gemstone (wedding band) is really a challenging, costly endeavor, but it is worthwhile. You finish creation of a diamond ring that's unique - there's no other ring similar to the one created by you.

Before beginning creating a diamond ring, spend a while browsing through bridal magazines, searching at online art galleries, or browsing having a local jewelry salesman to obtain inspiration and concepts. If at all possible, save pictures from the rings you want making notes concerning the features that caught your skills.

Following points outlined below can help you on how to Design You Own Engagement Ring
Selection of Gemstone

The sparkling stone in the center of the ring would be the primary feature from the ring. What exactly will it seem like? Probably the most traditional option is a gemstone, but when you are not too into tradition (nor is the partner) then you might like to select a ruby, azure, emerald, or any other stone.

Selection of the Cut

The form of the stone constitutes a large impact on the general look from the ring, so pick the stone's cut carefully. Furthermore, take into account that some cuts (for example emerald) create a stone look bigger due to its large, flat area.

Choose the Right Metal

Additionally you will need to choose metallic for that gang of the ring. Gold used to be the standard engagement and wedding band color, however it has rapidly been changed by silver (usually platinum or white gold or platinum.)


Probably the most traditional configurations would be the 4- or 6-prong setting for that center stone, and funnel or bar configurations for side stones. But a less generally-used setting like the cluster or bezel setting might be what fits your ring aside from everyone else.

Think About The Wedding Ring

Engagement rings and wedding rings frequently are available in matched up sets. The marriage band does not need to be an ideal match, but it ought to be exactly of the same color metal and share an identical design element to ensure that the 2 rings seem to complement one another in some manner.

Creating your personal gemstone is among the most rewarding creative endeavors you'll ever undertake. You need to be certain it's precisely what both you and your fiancée want before ordering, since it is difficult (otherwise impossible) to return the custom-designed ring.

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